Leveraging the Social Media Experience to Grow Your Business

"80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalized experience."

The social media experience is the result of a series of activities online designed to understand and recognize emotion, and deliver relevant and personalized experiences. 1marketingidea leverages the social media experience to transform brands struggling to connect and engage with their networks. This results in stronger and deeper relationships, repeat business, referrals, and higher profits.

In this relationship economy, brands who aren’t personalizing experiences will fall behind. Transparency and trust are the currency by which digital interactions flourish.

You want your networks to consume your content from the time they wake up.

You want them to read your newsletter with a cup of coffee and listen to your podcast in their car on their way to the office.

Laugh, comment, and engage with your everyday adventures on their mobile phones and while on a short break at their desks.

And you want them to click-through carefully curated content, and check their notifications tab to see if others have engaged with their comments.

How do you personalize an experience?

Social Media

Activate social media marketing to learn more about your clients and how you can find more.

Website design

Display authority with an improved online presence, and be a trustworthy resource for visitors.

Video production

Captivate and engage your audiences with creative video content across all devices.

Email marketing

Reach new customers with personalized, behavior‑based campaigns, and increase engagement.

Live workshops

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Marketing ideas

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Who Do We Work With?


Our clients are committed to building a stronger social media presence, and we’re humbled to have been selected as their partners on the journey. Here is what they have to say about our work:

Where to begin: What is a Marketing System?

Years of work in branding and direct response initiatives show that a lack of a clear marketing strategy, is the reason why social media marketing campaigns don’t deliver results.

At 1marketingidea we have packaged a solution into a simple framework we call the 6 Point System which covers how to align your social media with your marketing goals. This system takes the guessing game out of the implementation process.

Following this step-by-step process will align your business goals with clear marketing objectives focused on increase engagement, raise brand awareness, improve branding, and drive conversions.

But there’s a problem…

Unfortunately social media marketing is a love-hate type of relationship. There are many people who still do not believe in it..

You’ve felt it, right?…

These are the biggest reasons why people do not believe in the effectiveness of social media:

1) They’re in it for the short-run
2) They’re not starting with a sound strategy
3) Their objectives or campaign types aren’t in alignment
4) Their website needs updating
5) Their audience is not well defined
6) They’re ads are not relevant to the audience
7) They’re are not testing and measuring progress

How social media delivers results?

Using Facebook and LinkedIn marketing tools, businesses can reach the right target audiences based on similar interests and demographics as their current clients. Social media helps hyper-target the right messages to the right customers. Our system is a roadmap to develop deeper and stronger relationships using the social networks.

Watch Daveeed Wagner, CEO & Founder of 1marketingidea, share how to use social media to connect, engage, and transform your business with this innovative approach easy to implement.

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