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Connecting the dots better.

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Your personal brand could be more…personal.

Of course you’ve got a great personal brand…that’s the price of admission. But your brand could be working harder for you.

It’s very difficult to assess your own personal brand because you are, by definition, too close to it. After all, your brand is an extension of you. You need an objective assessment.

The Personal Brand Audit is the FIRST audit designed for thought leaders, keynote speakers, authors, doctors, attorneys or any personal brand.

It reveals what your online presence says about your practice, and how it is affecting your reputation.

“An audit uncovers how you can invite people into your narrative better.”

Who Are You, Publicly?

How have you connected the dots thus far?

How does the world see your personal brand at this moment – as you are now? How are you represented? How clear is your message, and how digestible it is for search engines, social media, and YouTube?

After you order the audit, your part is done. Our team scours the internet to discover who are you publicly, which messages are resonating, and how people are searching for you. It is an assessment of the quality of your online presence relating to:

    • Google SEO
    • YouTube Videos
    • Website User Experience
    • Competitor keywords
    • Social media experience
    • Email marketing
    • Advertising
    • Reputation management
    • Sales management

What's in an Audit?

Searching for hidden dots.

The Personal Brand Audit provides you with valuable intelligence with a unique perspective on leveraging authenticity, including:

    • Insights on fine-tuning opportunities
    • Tips on how to improve your current online footprint
    • Best practices on improving performance

The final product includes:

    • A 20-page detailed, actionable report
    • A one-and-a-half-hour delivery presentation
    • Consulting advice on how to improve and optimize your personal brand

What Real Clients Say About Our Audits


“The audit showed me which messages resonate with my audience and how people search and find me online. The result helped me clarify my message and make it more digestible for search engines, social media, and YouTube.”

Shep Hyken

Thought Leader, Customer Service/CX Expert


"It was great working with Daveeed and his Team, as their Personal Brand Audit identified significant opportunity areas for improvement that would improve my website, as well as my digital brand. The insights shared, as well as game plan for improving was an amazing starting point. The experience in having Daveeed implement some of the action items was a great benefit."

Larry Long Jr.

Keynote Speaker, Performance Coach, Author


“Daveed's Personal Brand Audit was an eye-opener for me! It made me realize that I need to up my game on social media and create a killer brand that truly reflects who I am and what I stand for. Daveed's audit helped me put my best foot forward and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.”

Jane Jenkins Herlong

Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Author


"Daveeed’s system checks under the hood, shows you areas of opportunity, and gives you a plan to fix it. During the presentation Daveeed provided an objective assessment of my personal brand with low hanging fruit opportunities that made a difference. I knew SEO was an important piece of my marketing. I didn’t know how instrumental it could be for scaling up."

Jeremy Torisk

Keynote Speaker & President of the Florida Speaker Association


"The personal brand audit tells a concise, compelling story of how the public sees myself, and my message, and it uncovers areas of opportunity I had not previously been unaware of. Do it~"

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE

Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker


"I've been a marketer for 20+ years and the Personal Brand Audit still gave me tons of ideas for growing my business."

Dan Gingiss

CX Thought Leader & Keynote Speaker

These Are The Four Main Sections of An Audit


Does your online presence have all the essential elements to build on moving forward?


Can your multimedia content channels and strategy make a bigger impact?


What hidden opportunities have we uncovered that can propel your brand?

High Impact Next Steps

Which findings require immediate attention, and which can be optimized at a later time?

In these 4 sections the audit will highlight hidden opportunities in​:

Who We Are: Our Laser Focus

1marketingidea is the trusted advisor and counselor to many influential thought leaders and personal brands. As a strategic experiential marketing consulting firm we help companies with increased customer engagement, brand loyalty, and long-term growth. Our clients are B2B companies led by visionaries who offer a range of professional services.

Built on XMarketing​

All the dots: the entire picture.

The Personal Brand Audit and the opportunities it uncovers are part of the 1marketingidea services, built on the XMarketing Framework. During more than 30 year of online marketing success, we’ve developed a system that will:

    • Introduce new audiences to your brand
    • Engage your audience in your story
    • Build community

A thriving online community is an asset essential to scaling up your personal brand. It is a platform that provides you with a safety net and continual returns in any economic environment.

The Power of Connection in Hard Times

The public speaking industry has completely changed since the cancellation of all public events during the pandemic. Some speakers adapted through virtual performances; some were forced into early retirement. The industry will never be the same. Most speakers found themselves sailing without a rudder.

Yet some speakers had built such a strong online presence along the way that they thrived in chaotic times. Many turned to virtual endeavors. Not all speakers suffered the same.

Today the speaking industry is undergoing a Renaissance with new speakers, new content and new energy that is revitalizing the industry from coast to coast. The biggest challenge speakers face is how to leverage their online presence and prepare for another extraordinary circumstance. One solution is it development of products, online Training Services, or software tools. The other is by building a marketing system that will allow them to stay relevant and fresh in front of their audience year-round, across all digital channels.

Even if you have a marketing plan that’s working great, you owe it to yourself to review your digital footprint, and look for new ideas on how to market your personal brand and connect the dots better.

Buy your audit today or fill out the form below with any questions. You have nothing to lose.

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