How Do You Use Facebook To Find More Customers?

Why Are Businesses Still Skeptical
About Using Facebook Marketing?

Evidence shows there are 4 main reasons why business owners are still gun shy about launching Facebook marketing campaigns:

“I am not techie enough”

“It takes too much time”

“No positive ROI“

“It’s a waste of money”

Why Are You On Facebook?

There are over 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages and 90% do not use Facebook marketing campaigns.  Your Facebook page is your brand’s first impression.  And you know what they say about first impressions.  It’s exactly like your company website.  It requires the same level of attention and detail.  Having your basic business information like address, phone number, and a clever Cover image is not enough.  But don’t take my word…these are the reasons why businesses put emphasis on Facebook:
  1. Facebook is the new 800 pound Gorilla.  It drives the largest share of social media traffic to businesses.
  2. Facebook offers a deeper engagement between businesses and their fans.
  3. Nearly 50% of Americans say Facebook is their biggest influencer on buying decisions.

I know what you’re thinking...
But How Does Facebook Marketing Drive Results For My Business?


Driving leads. Using Facebook marketing tools businesses can target ads to specific groups based on similar interests and demographics.


Defining target markets. You can now target by job titles, employers, even life events.


Reaching outside your current networks.


Building your own custom audiences with similar characteristics as those already in your network.

So, How Do You Use Facebook To Reach A New Audience?


“Find More Customers Using Facebook”

1marketingidea is a San Diego Facebook marketing agency that will give you a golden opportunity to directly connect with more customers. We are the most passionate social media marketing team which applies proven techniques that are needed to promote your services among the targeted and non-targeted customers. Including Facebook as your promotional tool will lead your business to a long way and ignoring it can result in damaging your marketing campaign. To facilitate you and your business, we categorize our Facebook advertising services into three parts depends on your marketing objective that are Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.

This story begins in the summer of 2008 when I got hired to produce, sell, and market national public events. Highly motivated, I set out to show my new boss I was the best decision she had ever made. While confident in my sales skills, I was not confident in my marketing abilities. If I am to be fully transparent, I was pretty insecure about how I was going to pull this off.
10 Years later I have been successfully using and running Facebook Marketing campaigns to market services an products.  Everything I learned, and I continue to learn, I want to share with you, so in due time, you too will learn to raise brand awareness, create interest, and improve online conversions.
I look forward to working with you and your team, and in the meantime, with any questions, please fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Always at your service,
David Wagner
Lead Consultant

What You Get:

Facebook is the marketing platform that can help your business exponentially as it enables interacting with existing clients, as well as prospect customers in a better way. This service is the best value if you are looking to make a great impression in the next 30 days. Your single monthly payment will give you the following:

Facebook Page Creation and Optimization.


Organize tabs, upload header image or video, update contact information, invite your friends to like your page, get reviews, organize links going out/landing pages.

Preparing a strategy – 1 Hour Call.

Creating Facebook Advertisements.

Prepare and Implement Campaign.

Launch and review.

Measure and improve your ROI – 1 Hour Call.

* FINE PRINT: The pre-requisites for this plan are a Facebook Page with no less than 500 followers; a landing page where to drive traffic; a media budget minimum of $500.  1marketingidea can help you with website and page design creation and optimization but it is not part of this plan.

Retail Price: $1,500 a month

For a limited time secure 1 month of Facebook Marketing with NO Contract for
only $900 or 3 months for $2,500