Learn How to Launch a B2B Facebook Marketing Campaign in 7 Easy Steps

Talk about a public grilling!

Last week nearly 100 lawmakers in the House and Senate interrogated Mark Zuckerberg about the company’s handling of user information. This issue is so serious the social media giant’s privacy standards have been put into question. For a business owner and marketer like myself, this is just No Bueno.

Most of my career I have used Facebook marketing campaigns to advertise services, reach new audiences, and attract more customers. Facebook has been my “go to” for establishing and developing relationships with clients. I have used it to raise brand awareness and to generate leads. Losing this tool would be akin to losing my voice.

There are over 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages, and 90% do not use Facebook marketing campaigns. These are the top reasons why business owners are gun shy about launching campaigns:

  • “I am not techie enough”
  • “It takes too much time”
  • “It doesn’t work”
  • “It’s a waste of money”

I can relate. I had the same fears when I started.

I have been running Facebook marketing campaigns for over a decade and everything I learned, and I continue to learn, I find online. No schooling. And it’s lots of fun. All the tools that I need to create and launch a successful campaign you have access to in the form of text or video. And in due time, you too will obtain great results.

**BREAKING NEWS: I will be doing my first Facebook marketing live workshop in sunny San Diego, California. Stay tuned.

Launch Your Own Facebook Marketing Campaign.

To help you get started I have put together a 7 step process to create and launch your own campaign:

Start by Creating and/or optimizing an engaging Facebook Page.

Organize tabs, upload header image or video, update contact information, invite your friends to like your page.

Prepare a successful business strategy.

Plan campaign, define KPIs, identify the perfect customer, create timelines, decide on a budget, collect reviews, find out where your clients are, interests, music, page likes.

Build and Create Your Facebook ads.

Design and test creative, write your message, create video, special offer, headlines, call-to-action.

Prepare and Implement.

Target the right audiences by demographics, interests, age groups, job titles.

Create or optimize a high converting landing page.

Use principles of influence to turn shoppers into buyers. Take your time and develop a storyline and a funnel page worth reading.  Set up tracking.

Successfully launch campaign.

Do one final check to ensure ad scheduling matches, CC stored is accurate, and you are advertising the correct page.

Measure and improve your ROI.

Measure results. Test different audiences. Create ad sets for each audience. Identify which ads work better.

Learning to run your own Facebook marketing campaign will give your brand a voice and the opportunity to remain competitive in an ever changing digital world. Do not fall behind. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) asked Zuckerberg ‘How do you sustain a business model in which users don’t pay for your service?‘ Zuckerberg paused for a moment, seemingly surprised by the basic nature of the question, and replied, ‘Senator, we run ads.