What is the 6 Point System (6PS) Marketing Framework?

The 6 Point System (6PS) Marketing Framework enables you to make effective executive marketing decisions. It leverages the Social Media Experience (SMX) to build stronger and deeper digital relationships. This results in increased engagement, brand loyalty, more clients, and long-term growth. At 1marketingidea we use it to create, produce, and implement strategic digital marketing initiatives.

The Social Media Experience is defined as the result of a series of online activities designed to personalize interactions by eliciting emotion, resulting in stronger and deeper relationships with clients.

The world has changed, and with it, the landscape of digital marketing. Being a marketer means being in the hot seat, where demands are high, and turnover continues to rise. A marketer must be resourceful, creative, analytical, and an expert at making an impact. Yet most struggle with digital marketing that does not work and cannot be measured due to lack of a clear strategy.

There are lots of ways to learn the marketing skills and concepts you needed to become a successful marketing manager. Online courses, certifications, boot camps, are all welcomed learning experiences – as long as they are from a reputable source, with replicable results.

Using a Marketing Framework to Hedge Your Bets

Hedging is a strategy that protects investors from being exposed to risky situations that may lead to loss – the theory behind the Hedge Fund. A marketing system hedges your risk of failure. It offsets strategies that are under-performing and mitigates losses with gains from another strategy.

The main reason why marketing managers fumble with delivering results is because they fail to create a strategic plan that is measurable. The 6PS will show you how to apply concepts and best practices to run effective marketing that yields measurable returns. It is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to:

    • Define your most critical marketing objectives
    • Improve your website’s performance
    • Leverage the Social Media Experience (SMX) to personalize interactions
    • Target the right people with pinpoint accuracy
    • Create mobile videos with a powerful hook
    • Evaluate and improve using A/B Testing

What Can the 6PS Do For you…

    • Empowers you to make data driven decisions aligned with your business objectives
    • Positions you as a strategic marketer not just a tactical implementer
    • Inspires you to come up with new experiential marketing idea
    • Aids in the design of initiatives for long-term success
    • Identifies new areas of opportunity
    • Allows for testing to see if strategies are generating the desired results

Is this for You?

How much is trial and error marketing costing you every year? How are you measuring concrete results? A lack of clear strategic direction may already be costing you a great deal. As former CMOs we understand the pressure for delivering quantifiable results. After decades of practical applications and thousands of marketing dollars, we have packaged our method into the 6 Point System which capitalizes on the social media experience to grow any brand.

Meet Your Fractional CMO: Daveeed Wagner

Daveeed Wagner is the CEO & Founder of 1marketingidea, and the inventor of the 6PS. As the former CMO of The DiJulius Group he was responsible for taking the brand to new heights. He does keynotes on the social media experience, and how to market more effectively in this virtual economy.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional speaker or a marketing team leader, his presentations will introduce you to new concepts, and best practices on how to grow your brand.

Watch the 6 Point System Keynote Presentation.

Unpacking the 6 Point System

1- Objective: Measure Twice, Cut Once.

This simple proverb gives you the peace-of-mind that your marketing campaigns will deliver results. Learn how to dedicate enough time in the beginning to formulating the right strategy and setting the right goals and objectives.

80% of marketers use metrics related to reach and engagement to evaluate success with regard to social media marketing.

To impact bottom of the funnel metrics you must connect the dots between your social media and your other digital marketing strategies to decide what is your absolutely most critical marketing objective you nee to achieve.

2- Funnel: Begin with the end in mind.

How well is your website performing? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a measurement used to determine the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers.

Think of your site as a funnel. The top of the funnel is where awareness and branding play a bigger role; the middle is where you use social to nurture relationships; and the bottom is where you nudge interested people to convert. By working on optimizing and clarifying the message on your funnel FIRST, you won’t be pissing money to the wind with social media campaigns that don’t work.

3- Engagement: Activate your Followers.

How are you currently using social media? Are you using Facebook’s free native tools to wake up your fans? If you have followers in your Facebook Page, are you asking them for 2 reviews a week? Use the CRAFT principle to show visitors the great value you can provide and optimize your social media pages as you would your site for Google. This is what I call Facebook Page Optimization (FPO).

4- Audience: Learn your audience.

How do you target the right people to find and consume your content? Once you get reviews in step 3, you’ll discover not only who your biggest fans are, but also where their interests lie.

Become a “digital forensic investigator” and gain a solid perspective on who is the persona you’re after. Then explore tapping into other audiences with similar interests through the audience building API. Facebook can even show you the type of music someone likes! Connect the dots and use this information to think outside the box as you search for your blue ocean.

6 Point System 1 marketingidea

5- Video: Create the message

This the really fun part: watch movie trailers. Watching movie trailers is the best way to understand how to bottle emotion into a video. Begin by writing emotional words that capture your defined audience’s attention. Then translate your words into a script, a story board, and then a video. This is where you develop your hooks. Ask yourself how do you stop people from scrolling past your content?

6- A/B Test: Measure and Improve.

To see change you must begin and end by stepping and on a scale. Testing, re-testing, measuring, and improving the ROMI is part of any process designed for growth.

To be an indispensable player in your organization you must learn your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how your initiatives will impact the bottom line. For example: If your objective is to increase the impact you content is making, you should be measuring engagement activities like comments, or video views.

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Don’t take our word, watch this testimonial from the Executive Director at NIHCA, and how this webinar made a significant impacted on her members.

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