How Do You Use Social Media To Find More Customers?

The New 800 pound Gorilla.

Facebook is the new 800 pound Gorilla and it drives the largest share of social media traffic to businesses.  It offers a deeper engagement between businesses and their fans, and 50% of Americans say Facebook is their biggest influencer on buying decisions.  So how do you find more customers using Facebook?


David Wagner, Lead Consultant at 1MarketingIdea, shares a 6 Point Formula used to creating, implementing, and executing your own Facebook Marketing campaigns.  This webinar will educate, re-energize, and empower you with an innovative approach to social media marketing, your business can leverage to raise awareness, increase interest, and improve conversions.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Dedicate time in the beginning to formulate the right strategy and set the right objectives.
  • Develop the landing page where you’ll be sending leads first. Reverse engineer.
  • Use Facebook’s native tools to wake up your fans.
  • Find out their interests, likes, music, and connect the dots.
  • Write words that capture the audience’s attention. Hooks. Examples.
  • A/B Testing, improve & measure  your ROI.

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