Daveeed Wagner: Fractional CMO

Daveeed Wagner | Fractional CMO

Daveeed Wagner is a Fractional CMO, Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, and the Expert at Xmarketing.


Daveeed is the CEO & Founder of 1marketingidea. He speaks on the social media experience and how to implement strategic marketing systems in this new virtual world. His 5 star presentations re-energize, and empower teams with an innovative approach to digital marketing.

As the former Chief Marketing Officer of The DiJulius Group, he produced and grew the Customer Service Revolution from 200 to 800 attendees, making it America’s #1 Customer Service Conference. He now shares with audiences nationwide how to use Xmarketing for sustainable business growth.

In his keynotes Daveeed shares how to apply the 6PS Framework for effective executive marketing. His system has been implemented by world-renowned authors, consulting firms, keynote speakers, small and medium sized businesses.

Daveeed is the recipient of the Hispanic Business Entrepreneur Award and the Chief Editor of the Marketing Memo. He has a BA in Marketing from John Carroll University, is fluent in Spanish, and resides in San Diego, California, where he plays tennis as often as his knees allow.

What is a Fractional CMO?

The Fractional CMO is the most innovative and challenging role in business today. 1marketingidea is a CMO Consulting firm that provides years of expertise at a fraction of the cost. A seasoned marketing executive supplies a fresh perspective, and guidance to your marketing team with exclusive insights, and advise into the implementation of successful marketing strategies.

Fractional CMO services are in high demand as companies no longer see the need for a full-time CMO but still require expert strategy and leadership. Through research and hands-on digital marketing experience a fractional CMO helps identify unique opportunities for growth in the marketplace.

Fractional CMO Responsibilities Include:

  • Developing long-term marketing strategies to scale up

  • Improving impact across online channels

  • Clarifying brand message

  • Leveraging the Social Media Experience

  • Managing PR and content marketing initiatives

  • Contributing to the creative multimedia process

  • Quarterbacking projects across agencies

  • Leading and growing your marketing team

Our Areas of Expertise are:

    • Strategic Marketing Consulting

    • Social Media Experience

    • Branding Assessment

    • Content Strategy

    • Marketing Automation

    • Optimization and Efficiencies

    • Event Production

    • Leadership and Team Building

    • Workshops Rollouts and Training

    • Budgeting

Keynote Topics and Descriptions

How to Use Social Media to Find New Audiences and Transform Your Business in this New Virtual World. Learn to leverage social media to find new audiences, increase brand awareness, and improve conversions.

Daveeed share his 6PS Framework used to create, improve, implement, and execute effective marketing systems. This 5 star presentation will educate, re-energize, and empower you with an innovative approach to social media marketing that includes how to:

    1. Formulate a firm strategy and set the right objectives

    2. Reverse engineer the landing

    3. Wake up your fans

    4. Learn your audiences’ interests, likes, and connect the dots

    5. Create your message and hooks

    6. Always be using A/B Testing to improve & measure ROI

    7. How will this content help leaders make decisions?

    8. Preparation to invest in social media advertising campaigns

    9. Defining clear objectives for campaigns

    10. Identifying new audiences to target

What is the big idea your audience will come away with?

“By implementing a marketing system, you will find and target the right audiences, with the right message, and deliver memorable experiences, resulting in deeper and stronger relationships, more repeat business, increased sales, and referrals.”

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Daveeed Wagner
Daveeed Wagner