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"80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalized experience."

social media experience – 

is the result of a series of activities online designed to understand and recognize emotion, and deliver relevant and personalized experiences.

1marketingidea is a marketing agency that leverages social media experience marketing to transform brands struggling to connect and engage with their networks. This results in stronger and deeper relationships, repeat business, referrals, and higher profits.

Transparency and trust are the currency by which digital interactions flourish. In this relationship economy, brands who aren’t personalizing experiences fall behind.

How do you personalize an experience?

Social media

Activate social media marketing to learn more about your clients and how you can find more.

Website design

Display authority with an improved online presence, and be a trustworthy resource for visitors.

Video content

Captivate and engage your audiences with creative video content across all devices.

Email marketing

Reach new customers with personalized, behavior‑based campaigns, and increase engagement.

Live workshops

Learn at one of our hands-on, Social Media Experience Workshops in San Diego, California.

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