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Amplifying the Experience.

The world has changed and, with it, the landscape of marketing. We must find ways to amplify the experience with new marketing strategies that compel people to act. At 1marketingidea we implement experiential marketing strategies that build deeper relationships with clients. This results in lower lead acquisition costs and long-term scalability.

The Case for XMarketing.

How are you attracting new people into your narrative? How clear is your message and how consistent across channels? How are you building brand trust? The lack of XMarketing Strategies may be the problem. In short, your message is no different than everyone else’s.

You need to find a way for your message to rise above the noise by personalizing the experience and building trust. XMarketing leverages authenticity, to create personal digital experiences, that evoke positive emotions, promote stronger relationships, and grow your business.

Our Methodology: Working With Us is Super Simple.


Start with a full audit of all your online channels to highlight strengths as well as opportunities.


Design an XMarketing plan with actionable items that make the biggest impact in the shortest timeframe.


Lead the execution and implementation of high priority items through team collaboration.

The 6PS Framework.

After decades of practical applications, we have developed our proprietary 6PS Framework. A model that identifies the 6 elements of the social media experience™ (SMX) that need to align for marketing success. Download the 6PS Framework PDF Workbook free, and start working on your XMarketing strategy today.

What People Are Saying About Working With Us.

1marketingidea is the trusted advisor and counselor to many influential thought leaders and businesses. As a strategic experiential marketing consulting firm we help companies with increased customer engagement, brand loyalty, and long-term growth. Here is what some of our clients have to say about our work.

Jack Mackey

Jack Mackey is an expert in customer experience management. His challenge was how to build a new and stronger online presence. Therefore, we developed a fully dynamic website, and a sizzle reel that is the envy of the speaker industry.

Christine Cashen

Christine Cashen is a motivational keynote speaker. Her challenge was how to develop a system to keep her audiences engaged long after she delivered her keynote. Consequently, we came up with a plan that included email, video, social media, and gave birth to the Cashen On Life series.

Social Media Marketing World

Phil Mershon is the Director of Events for the Social Media Marketing World Conference. His challenge was how to get 300 teammates to deliver a consistent world-class guest experience. In short, Daveeed Wagner was brought in to train the teams on how to deliver a wow experience.


Holly Johnson is the Executive Director at the National Independent Health Club Association. Her need was to find an expert marketing speaker for a custom virtual webinar. Consequently, she hired Daveeed for a webinar and this is what she had to say about the delivery.

We Work With Personal Brands, Medium Size Companies, and Non-Profit Organizations.

1marketing idea clients-personal brands
1marketing idea clients-non-profit associations

Daveeed Wagner: Your Fractional CMO.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire an expert, wait til you hire an amateur.”

Daveeed Wagner is a Fractional CMO, keynote speaker and the Founder of 1marketingidea. He is an expert at XMarketing and how to leverage authenticity to create personal digital experiences, that evoke positive emotions, and promote stronger relationships.


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