Social Media Experience Marketing

What is Social Media Experience Marketing?

“It is the result of a series of activities online, designed to understand and recognize emotions, and deliver relevant and personalized experiences. This results in increased engagement, stronger and deeper relationships with your clients, repeat business, referrals, and growth.”


Experience marketing has evolved consistent with the speed of technology over the last decade. Changes in how and where we consume content, continue to push brands to be more personal, and place stronger focus on the digital marketing experience.

15 second Instagram stories, during a bathroom break, are the new 30 second TV commercials. Social media videos are provocative, entertaining, moving, and driving real-time engagement.

Digital experiences that also connect on an emotional level, and make us feel something in our physical selves, are more meaningful. Growth in the new relationship economy will favor brands that leverage Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to consistently personalize, engage, and connect immediately and transparently.

What We Do

Most businesses struggle at building meaningful digital connections. 1marketingidea implements marketing systems that leverage the social media experience to build a stronger digital presence and develop deeper relationships with clients.

Our CMO Consulting services provide years of expertise at a fraction of the cost. A seasoned marketing executive supplies a fresh perspective, and guidance to your marketing team with exclusive insights, and advise into the implementation of successful marketing plans. Through research and hands-on digital marketing experience a fractional CMO helps identify unique opportunities for growth in the marketplace.

Who We Work With

We consult, manage, and implement growth and personal branding strategies, for keynote speakers, authors, and medium size marketing teams. The lifeblood of our company is our relentless commitment to delivering world-class customer service, and this is what sets us apart from any other marketing team.