It’s All About Relationships.

Most BtoB companies struggle at using digital marketing to grow stronger business relations. At 1marketingidea we use a 6 Point System® that leverages the social media experience to build relationships, grow your client base, and scale up your business.

What is the Social Media Experience?

The Social Media Experience (SMX) is the result of a series of online activities designed to personalize interactions by eliciting emotion, resulting in higher engagement, and stronger and deeper relationships with customers.


Download the 6 Point System® PDF Guide.

At 1marketingidea we teach personal brands how to use our proprietary 6 Point System® through our virtual sessions and consulting services. This step-by-set framework groups digital marketing activities that keep your brand in front of your customers, across channels, year round. Access the 6 Point System PDF guide and implement an effective social media strategy today.

Areas of Expertise.

Our Work Speaks for Itself.


Christine Cashen is a hilarious and engaging keynote speaker. Her challenge was how to develop a system to keep her audiences engaged long after her keynotes. We used email, video, social, copywriting, strategy, design, and gave birth to the Cashen On Life show.


Jack Mackey is an expert in customer experience management and team member engagement. His challenge was how to build a new and stronger online presence. We developed a fully dynamic website, sizzle reel, and marketing machine that has become the envy of the speaker industry.


Phil Mershon is the Director of Events for the Social Media Marketing World Conference. His challenge was how to get 300 teammates to deliver a consistent world-class guest experience. Daveeed Wagner was brought in to train the teams on how to deliver a wow experience.

National Independent Health Club Association

Holly Johnson is the Executive Director at NIHCA, a non-profit works with insurance providers, employer groups and incentive programs that offer a fitness and wellness benefit. Her need was to find an expert marketing speaker to do a custom virtual webinar on how to leverage the social media experience to grow fitness center memberships.

Who We We Work With.

Marketing Trends Annual Report - 1marketingidea

12 Experiential Marketing Trends for 2021.

This annual report is created from our experience with clients, online research publications, articles, books, and videos. It introduces the reader to the latest experience marketing trends, how to build trust, and how to grow your business, in this new digital era.

Educate, Re-energize, and Empower your Team with our Social Media Experience Marketing Sessions.

Plan strategically for the long term with a virtual marketing session by Daveeed Wagner. During this 1 hour presentation you will learn how to create, implement, and execute our 6 Point System® that leverages the social media experience to create relationships, grow your client base, and scale your brand.

There is no better time than now to invest in the growth of your business by learning how to leverage social media to grow a stronger online presence. 

At the end of this session you’ll be able to answer:

    1. What are your most critical marketing objectives, and how they align with your strategy?
    2. How to create custom audiences and target with pinpoint accuracy the people you are after?
    3. How to evaluate the performance of your ads using A/B Testing?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional speaker, a marketing team leader or you’re in private practice, this virtual presentation will help you understand how to apply concepts and best practices to grow your personal brand and yield scalable results.