What is the Social Media Experience?

The social media experience is the result of a series of activities online designed to recognize and understand emotion. Emotion triggers engagement, resulting in deeper relationships with customers.

1marketingidea leverages the social media experience to transform personal brands struggling to connect and engage with their networks. This results in deeper and stronger relationships, repeat business, referrals, and more profit.



Find new customers with advertising campaigns.


Create a memorable experience for visitors.


Leverage video in your social media experience.


Develop stronger and deeper relationships.


Align your team towards the same goal.


Learn new systems to grow your brand.




We are humbled by the testimonials from our clients.  With ratings of 5 out 5, we have a strong record of delivering the best service in the industry and continue to win new fans across the country and across industries. Here area few testimonials from our clients:


We use a 6 Point System that helps our clients connect with the right audience, increase post engagement, drive traffic to their websites, and deliver memorable experiences on video. This system gives you the framework to leverage social media to raise brand awareness, increase interest and traffic, and improve conversions.

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