CMO Consulting Services

CMO Consulting Services.

Daveeed Wagner

The CMO Consultant is the most innovative and challenging role in business today. 1marketingidea is a CMO Consulting firm that provides years of expertise at a fraction of the cost. A seasoned marketing executive supplies a fresh perspective, and guidance to your marketing team with exclusive insights, and advise into the implementation of successful marketing plans.

Strategic Marketing Consulting: Fractional CMO Services.

Through research and hands-on digital marketing experience a fractional CMO helps identify unique opportunities for growth in the marketplace.

    • Strategic Marketing Consulting
    • Social Media Experience
    • Branding Assessment
    • Content Strategy
    • Marketing Automation
    • Optimization and Efficiencies
    • Event Production
    • Leadership and Team Building
    • Workshops Rollouts and Training
    • Budgeting

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This will cover 2 live video call sessions plus 1 research hour. We will advise on how to layout a results driven strategy plan, decide on multiple objectives, define more custom audiences, brainstorm creative design.

We will explore the necessary code and technology necessary to measure success – pixels, analytics.

We will provide creative direction for copy and design elements that can be used in Instagram and Facebook platforms. We will show you how to A/B test for effectiveness before official launches.

We will deliver a full report with all results so you can use it for future marketing strategies.

Voice of the Customer Consulting.

We start by developing an assessment designed to find out from your clients how they see your brand. We’re looking for value statements they use, specific words.

We then use them to create your message, value proposition, and the copy for marketing collateral and advertisements.

This is always an eye opener as it offers a different perspective about your competitive advantage.

Branding Consulting.

We begin with a complete brief gathered and discussed in a strategic meetings with leadership. Here we look for clear goals. We then go to the discovery and brainstorming sessions where we define what does the brand mean to you; what aspects do we not like and what are some ideas your team would like to see incorporated.

We look to discover what is your brand’s personality at its core.

We then move to producing mock-ups and visuals and then to unto production of a brand system with logos in different colors and formats.

On the 2nd phase we begin transforming all sales and marketing materials into a cohesive family of assets that will give your team the professionalism and respect it deserves. Spec sheets, biz cards, stationary, envelopes, thank you cards, postcards, folders, brochures.

We use creative design to emphasize trust and value so your prospects and clients know you’re the professional partner they can rely on. This collateral will match the website branding from fonts to colors so customers know it is one team that is taking care of all their needs.