How to use social media to find more customers?

The Spark Marketing Plan.

The average cost per click of Facebook Ads is 30¢ for all business objectives. Whether you seek to raise awareness, increase traffic or drive more customers to your business, it only takes a spark to get your social fire going.

Why Are People Still Skeptical About Using Facebook Marketing?

Evidence shows there are 4 main reasons why business owners are still gun shy about launching Facebook marketing campaigns:

“I am not techie enough”

“It takes too much time”

“No positive ROI“

“It’s a waste of money”

Who isn’t on Facebook?

There are over 1 Billion people on Facebook, over 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages and 90% do not use Facebook marketing.  Your Facebook Page is your brand’s first impression, and you know what they say about first impressions.  Like your company website it requires the same level of attention and detail.  Having your basic business information like address, phone number, and a clever Cover Image is not enough.  But don’t take my word…these are the reasons why businesses are placing more emphasis on Facebook:

  1. Facebook is the new 800 pound Gorilla.  It drives the largest share of social media traffic to businesses.
  2. Facebook offers a deeper engagement between businesses and their fans.
  3. Nearly 50% of Americans say Facebook is their biggest influencer on buying decisions.

I know what you’re thinking:
How Does Facebook Marketing Drive Results For My Business?


Producing leads. Using Facebook marketing tools businesses can target ads to specific groups based on similar interests and demographics.


Uncovering NEW target markets. You can now target by job titles, employers, even life events.


Finding new opportunities outside your current networks.


Building custom audiences with characteristics similar to your current customers.

Use Facebook To Find More Customers With our New,
ZERO Risk, Marketing Plan


“It Only Takes a Spark to Start Your Social Media Fire.”

Find more customers running Facebook Marketing Campaigns. 1marketingidea, a San Diego digital marketing agency, brings you this one of a kind, golden opportunity, to connect with more customers. We are a passionate marketing team, that has come up with a 6 Point Formula to promoting your services effectively.

Including Facebook in your marketing strategy will give you access to new audiences, and improve the way you build relationships and deliver customer experience. Ignoring Facebook marketing is like sticking with radio when TV came out. We categorize our Facebook marketing strategies into three types: awareness, consideration, conversion, and experience.

What Others Are Saying About Our Work

What You Get:

Facebook is the marketing platform that can help your business exponentially as it enables interacting with existing clients, as well as prospect customers in a better way.  This service is the best value if you are looking to get your brand on Facebook this month.  This is what you get:

Facebook Page Creation and Optimization.

Like your website, your Facebook Page needs to be optimized so visitors get a clear mental picture of what your company does. How can prospects reach you, and what is your competitive advantage.  We’ll coach you on how to organize your tabs, upload the right header and profile images and videos, get reviews, and organize your links.

Preparing a strategy – 1 Hour Call.

Every company has a different objective depending on what’s upcoming on their event calendar.  We will help you define the objective for your campaign, plan the activities that need to happen, identify the perfect customer, create timelines, decide on a budget, find out where your clients are and their interests.

Creating Advertisements.

We will help you design and test creative and videos.  Help you write your message, special offers, headlines, and set up the right call-to-actions.

Implementing Campaign.

Choosing a measurable objective is the key to implementation.  We’ll set up your campaign to hit any or all of these 3 objectives:
* Awareness – Is it branding campaign? Casting the broadest net?
* Consideration – Are you looking to interest people in your offer? Maybe having them sign up for a newsletter?
* Conversion – Are you setting up a landing page where they can buy sign up for an event?

In this phase we target audiences, set up a run schedule, decide where the ads will go (ex: Mobile).

Launch and review.

This step is critical so we are comfortable there are no mistakes and all ads are approved and running.  Social media platforms are always changing and we want to make sure that in the subsequent 24hours nothing has slipped through the cracks.

Measure and improve your ROI – 1 Hour Call.

We strive for progress, not perfection.  A 1 month campaign will help you identify everything we discussed on this page.  This is what we measure against.  We strive to hit our objectives, and to measure how this initiative impacts your overall marketing ROI.

For best results we recommend using a minimum media budget of $500-$1000 a month.



✅ Single Campaign Implementation
✅ Creating Advertisements (image plus text)
✅ Campaign Management
✅ Launch and Review
✅ 1 Hour Strategy Call a Month
✅ 1 Hour ROI Call
✅ Organic Posting Consulting and Coaching
✅ Facebook Brand Page Creation and Optimization

$900 *

PRO Plan

✅ Multiple Campaign Implementations
✅ Creating Advertisements (image, video, plus text)
✅ Campaign Management
✅ Launch and Review
✅ 1 Hour Strategy Call a Month
✅ 1 Hour ROI Call
✅ Organic Posting Consulting and Coaching
✅ Facebook Brand Page Creation and Optimization
Priority Turn-Around Time
Remarketing campaigns
Creation of 2 video ads
Reputation Management
Landing Page Creation (1)

$1,500 *

*Six month engagements.  Payable in 2 parts. 50% upfront.