Social Media Experience Workshop

Social Media Experience Workshop

Join us at our next, hands-on, live and in person, Social Media Experience Workshop in San Diego, California. This 2 day medium to advanced class is designed for marketing executives, social media managers, brand marketers, and marketing consultants who are not getting the results they want from their Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

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Does it feel as if you’re just burning through advertising dollars and getting no results? We follow a 6 point system that covers everything from defining your strategy to developing the ads for your campaign in contrast to online classes without human interaction.

4 Reasons Why This Social Media Experience Workshop is Different Than Any Others.

Our 6 Point System

Intimate Setting



Our Methodology: the 6 Point System?

How is your social media working for you?

If you are advertising your products or services on Facebook and not getting the results you expect, you’re not alone.

The BIG reasons are always:

      1. I don’t know how to create a strategy
      2. My campaign is not reaching its objective
      3. Our funnel is not effective
      4. Our audience has not been well defined
      5. The ads have no relevance to the audience
      6. We’re not testing as we progress

At 1marketingidea, we have packaged a solution to these problems into a simple process we call the 6 Point System which we use with our clients to run effective campaigns.

This system is backed by years of experiences and real-world studies. Here’s brief explanation of our what each point covers:

1-Measure Twice, Cut Once.

This simple proverb gives you the peace-of-mind that your Facebook marketing campaign will deliver results. Dedicate enough time in the beginning to formulating the right strategy and setting the right goals and objectives. For example: 80% of marketers use metrics related to reach and engagement to evaluate success with regard to social media marketing. At our workshops we dedicate time to clearly define your campaign objectives with you.

2-Begin with the end in mind.

Think of it as a 3 step process, better yet, think of it as a marketing funnel. The top of the funnel is where social media helps -raising awareness. The middle is where you nurture the leads who have shown interest on your services. And at the bottom you have a landing page that converts. During our workshops we work on your landing page, and the verbiage necessary to craft the right message.

3-Activate your Followers.

Use Facebook’s native tools to CRAFT a sequence of activities aimed at waking up your true fans. This step uses the Consensus influence Principle to show visitors the great value you can provide. This is what I call FPO: Facebook Page Optimization. At this workshop we’ll teach you how to increase engagement from your current audiences.

4-Learn your audience.

Once you get reviews, you’ll discover not only who your biggest fans are, but also where their interests lie. Use this information to gain a different perspective about your audience, and explore tapping into other audiences with similar interests. At our workshops we’ll help you connect the dots and come up with a number of ideas on how to find and target new customers.

5-Create the message.

This the really fun part. Write words that capture your defined audience’s attention. Then translate your words into images and video. This is where you develop your hooks. At our workshops we’ll get our creative juices flowing, watch real world ideas and how they came to life, on how to craft your ads.

6-Measure and Improve.

You have to begin by stepping on the scale, and finish by stepping on the scale. Testing, re-testing, measuring, and improving your ROI is part of any process designed for growth. During our workshops we show you how to leverage a free Facebook A/B testing tool that will show you which combinations of ads and audiences are working best.

Exclusive Mastermind Access.

With your attendance to this workshop, you get access to our Mastermind Members Only (MMO) Facebook Group where you can exchange information with ALL marketers who went through the Social Media Experience workshop.

Meet Your Instructor: Daveeed Wagner


My story begins in the summer of 2008 when I got hired to produce, sell, and market national public events. Highly motivated, I set out to show my new boss I was the best decision she had ever made. While confident in my sales skills, I was not confident in my marketing abilities.

Full transparency, I was pretty afraid about how I was going to pull this off, but using social media I was able to grow this conference from 200 to 800 attendees, and turn it into the summit of the Customer Service Revolution in America.

During our workshop you learn everything I learned to be effective on social media including all my secrets, successes, and pitfalls. More importantly, how to implement specific activities to capture emotion and trigger engagement, resulting in deeper and stronger relationships with your networks.

I look forward to seeing you in class,

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Are You the Right Candidate for This Workshop?

We will be launching a live campaign using Facebook Business Manager from your own laptops. These are the pre-requisites before you apply:

  • Admin access to your Facebook Page
  • Admin access to Facebook Business Manager
  • Have a credit card set up for the budget we’ll use during the launch on-site
  • A clear understanding of who your customers are
  • Have access to videos or images for your advertisement

Please call us at 619-990-0062 if you’re still unsure if you’re the right candidate for this class or apply today. Limited seating.