GUSTA Marketing System for Personal Brands

"If you think it's expensive to hire an expert, wait til you hire an amateur."

The GUSTA marketing system is a series of digital marketing activities working in synergy to increase subscription base, grow virtual audience engagement, develop deeper and stronger relationships with clients, and drive conversions. This system is for businesses that offer professional services or personal brands such as keynote speakers, authors, and consultants. 1marketingidea will strategize, implement, and execute this marketing system with you and your team, and provide consulting and coaching on all aspects of the social media experience.



The first step of this marketing system is to design and produce a gift. A digital creative piece, actionable and useful to your audience. A cheat-sheet or checklist where you outline a process or a method towards achieving a business objective; an e-book with examples of how your services have produced results for other clients; maybe a video series with a playbook on how to improve a business. It is not informational BUT ACTIONABLE.

A great exercise is to go outside your industry and learn what others are using as gifts. These gifts are popularly called lead magnets, but we don’t like to use this term because it carries a “self-beneficial” motive.

It’s not about you it’s about them.

We then evaluate which ones are the most useful and why. Once you have defined your gift, create it, design it, and give it away.

As an entrepreneur you’re probably meeting a great number of people during your webinars, seminars, or virtual presentations. We use a software tool to collect emails from your audience at  live events using mobile text technology. It automatically syncs information to your email marketing platform (ex: MailChimp or Constant Contact) and you grow your subscription base email list fast!

We’ve seen up to 5000 subscribers a year. This stage is also part EMAIL MARKETING strategy. We’ll set up automations, and work with you on the right message for those email pieces.

NEXT: Time for the Show.

Mobile email capture



1marketingidea will produce a series of SOCIAL VIDEO episodes to keep your audience engaged year-round. The objective is to keep your personal brand top-of-mind all the time. For example: you record a series of useful tips on video on your phone, and 1marketingidea will make them look polished and professional for the public, and  add them to your website.

We also create an animated GIF that will be included in your emails as teasers to increase your click through rate. These emails will drive traffic to your website where the videos will be watched.

We suggest deploying an episode at least once a month. The key is to stay consistent. The more people we drive to your site the more data points we collect. This data guarantees that we’re targeting the right audiences and give us access to similar audiences looking for services like yours.

1marketing idea will implement this marketing system, set up all needed technology, collaborate on developing the right message, and will work with your website developer to code the right pixels.

NEXT: Time to launch your Campaigns.




At 1marketingidea we leverage the social media experience to personalize interactions by eliciting emotion, resulting in higher engagement, and stronger and deeper relationships with clients.

Digital emotions are different from physical emotions. And the future adoption of new devices and applications enhance, connect, and extend human emotions. 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalized experience (Epsilon Research). Brands who are more sensitive to digital emotional cues, can use this information to guide thinking, behavior, and decisions across platforms.

This GUSTA marketing system uses data collected from your website, to build, run, and optimize campaigns to deliver a social media experience and position your brand as the authority. We have developed and packaged our own playbook on how to run effective social media engagements which you can learn more about here.

1marketingidea will strategize, implement, and execute this marketing system with you and your team, and provide consulting and coaching on all aspects of the social media experience. Average project length 6 months. With questions about this marketing system or to get your project started call us at 619-990-0062 or use the form below.