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A Step-by-Step Video Guide to Social Media.

Expand your digital marketing knowledge, boost your career and add value to your company with this video webinar. Watch case study.

Create, implement, and execute, effective Facebook ad campaigns with this step-by-step video webinar. This webinar will educate, re-energize, and empower you with an innovative approach to social media marketing. Our unique 6 Point System provides you with a framework to leverage social media to raise brand awareness, increase interest and traffic, and improve conversions.

Whether you’re a social media pro or beginning to find your feet, this professional program will help you understand how to apply concepts and best practices to run effective Facebook marketing campaigns that yield ROI for yourself, your business, and your employer.

The main reasons marketers fumble with social media ads are because they fail to plan strategically for the long term, or they target their ads improperly to the wrong audiences. There is no better time than NOW to invest in the growth of your business by learning how to leverage social media to advertise new products and services.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

    • What are your most critical marketing objectives, and how they align with your strategy.
    • How to create custom audiences and target with pinpoint accuracy the people you are after.
    • How to evaluate the performance of your ads using A/B Testing to identify which images or videos are moving people to click through.
    • Real life case studies and examples of what effective campaigns look like across multiple industries

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The 6 Point System.

6 Point System

After years of research, implementation, and trials and errors we have created a blueprint we call the 6 Point System. This process will guide you, and your marketing team through the creation, production, and launch of effective advertising campaigns. This video webinar will help you answer:

    1. What is your most critical marketing objective?
    2. How effective is your current online presence?
    3. How are you currently using social media?
    4. How to target the right audiences?
    5. How to use mobile video?
    6. How do you tie it together and test for improved performance?

During this webinar you’ll learn how to implement our system that will lead you to developing deeper and stronger relationships with your networks, increase repeat business, sales, and referrals.

Here’s a description of each aspect of our system:

1- Objective: Measure Twice, Cut Once.

This simple proverb gives you the peace-of-mind that your Facebook marketing campaign will deliver results. Learn how to dedicate enough time in the beginning to formulating the right strategy and setting the right goals and objectives. 80% of marketers use metrics related to reach and engagement to evaluate success with regard to social media marketing. To impact bottom of the funnel metrics you must incorporate social media with other digital marketing strategies and decide what is you absolutely most critical marketing objective. What is your primary marketing objective?

2- Funnel: Begin with the end in mind.

How well is your website converting? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers. Think of it as a marketing funnel. The top of the funnel is where social media helps – raising awareness. The middle is where you nurture the leads who have shown interest on your services. And at the bottom you have a landing page that converts. By working on optimizing your landing page FIRST you’ll dive into the verbiage necessary to craft the right message for your ads.

3- Engagement: Activate your Followers.

How are you currently using social media? Use Facebook’s native tools to wake up your fans. If you have followers in your Facebook Page, are you asking them for 2 reviews a week? This a simple way of using the CRAFT principle to show visitors the great value you can provide. This is what I call FPO: Facebook Page Optimization.

4- Audience: Learn your audience.

How do you target the right people to consume your content? Once you get reviews, you’ll discover not only who your biggest fans are, but also where their interests lie. You can then use this information to gain a different perspective about your audience, and explore tapping into other audiences with similar interests. Facebook can even show you the type of music someone likes! Connect the dots and use this information to think outside the box as you search for new audiences.

5- Video: Create the message

This the really fun part. Write words that capture your defined audience’s attention. Then translate your words into images and video. This is where you develop your hooks. And if creative juices are not flowing, you can always get ideas from Facebook itself on how to craft your ads. How do you stop people from scrolling past your content?

6- A/B Test: Measure and Improve.

You have to begin by stepping on the scale, and finish by stepping on the scale. Testing, re-testing, measuring, and improving your ROI is part of any process designed for growth.  For example: If your objective was to increase your reach using a video ad, you can measure 2 second and 10 second views, and use 2 different messages to re-target each audience.

Buy this webinar for only $45 and for a limited time get 197 Facebook ad samples you can use in your industry.