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Facebook Marketing Webinar

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Facebook is the new 800 pound Gorilla and it drives the largest share of social media traffic to businesses.  It offers a deeper engagement between businesses and their fans, and 50% of Americans say Facebook is their biggest influencer on buying decisions.

Are you using Facebook ads but they are NOT working?

One of the main reasons marketers fail with Facebook Ads is because they fail to target their ads properly. Facebook allows you to create a custom audience but many people don’t realize this.  Another aspect of the campaign to evaluate are your ads.  Are you using A/B Testing to identify which images or videos are moving people to click through?  Finally what is your stratgy to drive leads to your business?  Have you started with the end in mind?

How do you find more customers using Facebook?

On this downloadable webinar video David Wagner, Lead Consultant at 1marketingIdea, shares with you a 6 Point System used to creating, implementing, and executing your own Facebook marketing campaigns.  This webinar will educate, re-energize, and empower you with an innovative approach to social media marketing, your business can leverage to raise awareness, increase interest, and improve conversions.

Our 6 Point System To Find More Customers On Social Media

The following is a formula I use when working with clients. I have chosen this order because it helps me understand clearly what the client’s expectations are and how to exceed them.

Measure Twice, Cut Once.

This simple proverb gives you the peace of mind that your Facebook marketing campaign will deliver results. Dedicate enough time in the beginning to formulating the right strategy and setting the right goals and objectives. 80% of marketers use metrics related to reach and engagement to evaluate success with regard to social media marketing. To impact bottom of the funnel metrics you must incorporate social media with other strategies.


Begin with the end in mind.

Think of it as a 3 step process, better yet, think of it as a marketing funnel. The top of the funnel is where Facebook helps, raising awareness. The middle is where you nurture the leads who have shown interest on your services. And at the bottom you have a landing page that converts. By working on this landing page first you’ll dive into the verbiage necessary to craft the right message for your ads. Here’s an example of 1marketingidea’s Zero Risk landing page.

Activate Followers.

Use Facebook’s native tools to wake up your fans. If you have followers in your Facebook Page, ask them for reviews/testimonials. This a simple way of using the Consensus influence principle to show visitors that others find great value in your services. This is what I call FPO: Facebook Page Optimization.

Learn your audience.

Piggy backing on #3 above, once you get reviews, you’ll discover not only who your biggest fans are, but also where their interests lie and what are their likes. You can then use this information to gain a different perspective about your audience, and explore tapping into other audiences with similar interests. Facebook can even show you the type of music users like. Connect the dots and use this information to think outside the box as you search for new customers.

Create the message.

This the really fun part. Write words that capture your defined audience’s attention. Then translate your words into images and video. This is where you develop your hooks. And if creative juices are not flowing, you can always get ideas from Facebook itself on how to craft your ads.

Measure and Improve.

Finally testing, re-testing, measuring, and improving your ROI. You have to begin by stepping on the scale and finish by stepping on the scale. If your objective was to increase your reach using a video ad, then measure 2 second and 10 second views, and use 2 different messages to re-target each audience.

Enhance your marketing skills.  This process works. Don’t forget to have fun, let me know if I can be of any help, and remember #everythingismarketing

~David Wagner

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