How to Get the Right People to Read Your Content

How to Get the Right People to Read Your Content

Drive more traffic from social media and improve the effectiveness of you website.

My last Marketing Memo has become the most opened and most clicked-through article I’ve ever written.

It uncovered 2 very specific marketing needs businesses wrestle with on a daily basis: how to drive more traffic to their website using social media, and how to improve the effectiveness of such website.

I have decided to go deeper and show you how to get the right people to read your content. We A/B tested 2 Facebook campaigns against one another and documented each step we took so you can duplicate this level of success.

Hope you find it useful.



The strategy behind this initiative is to use the right content to drive the right audience learn more about our brand.  The marketing objectives are to:

– Raise awareness

– Increase engagement

– Build trust and credibility

– Stay-top-of mind

– Drive revenue

For this particular initiative I decided to focus on increasing the number of people who landed on a specific article in our website, at the lowest cost per landing page views (LPV).

2- Choosing the right budget

I wanted to generate substantial results so I can make an informed decision on how best to maximize my results.  We chose a budget of $2 per day per campaign because my max bid was $0.02, and I knew this combination should generate around 2500-3000 LPVs a month.

3- Audience

Targeting the right audience is very important. There are different tactics we use to segment the right audience. Sometimes we go as far as doing voice of the customer feedback surveys to better understand interests and likes.  In this test we used custom retargeting Facebook audiences and lookalike audiences.

4- Message

Some time ago we took my 1 year old to a park, where he loves swinging in the bucket swings. I never imagined what I would catch on camera that day…

I decided to record myself with him laughing while my wife pushed from behind when suddenly I felt a kick on the chin. This is the funniest thing I’ve ever recorded, and I decided to use it to stop people from thumb-scrolling past my ad.

5- A/B Testing

We tested 2 articles:

Article A: 5 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Campaign with Custom Audiences


Article B: 8 Ways to increase website traffic through social media


We found it cost us $0.02 to traffic one person to visit either of the website pages above.

6-The Final Analysis

The eye-opening moment was when we went to our Google analytics and found the discrepancy in bounce rate between the2 articles. All things being equal, people who clicked trough to Article B stayed on that page longer than those who clicked through to Article A.

In conclusion, this Facebook retargeting campaign showed me that a larger number of people who go to our website are more interested in articles about how to drive traffic than how to boost Facebook campaigns.  See the the irony?  🙂

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Daveeed Wagner is the Lead Consultant at 1marketingidea, a marketing agency that leverages the social media experience to transform personal brands who struggle at connecting and engaging with their networks, resulting in deeper and stronger relationships, repeat business, referrals, and higher profits.
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