8 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media

What an extraordinary year. I had the privilege to present at NSAs-Influence conference, AND the honor to introduce my former boss John DiJulius at the Customer Service Revolution Conference!

In preparation to give my very best, I reached out to a number of professional speakers and asked what they would want covered during my presentation. The biggest challenge I heard was: how do I use social media to drive website traffic?

Read on to grab 8 social media hacks we teach at our training workshops that ANYONE can use to increase web traffic and improve engagement, which results in deeper and stronger relationships with your networks.

But first…

How is your online presence working for you?

Before you start driving all this crazy traffic to your website you must ask yourself how well is your website currently performing? Are you producing new content or updating your website every week. Your competition is likely already taking steps to establish higher rankings for the same keywords in search results.

Practice writing or video blogging a new post at least bi-weekly and deploying a newsletter every other.

The more relevant content you create and the more changes you implement, the bigger your credibility and authority grows.

Here are 7 quick ideas you can change on your website to improve its performance and attract more customers.

8 Social media hacks to increase web traffic

The following social media hacks to increase web traffic can be implemented from your personal profile and boosted from your Facebook pages:

1) Repurpose an existing Facebook/LinkedIn post.

Do you pour your heart out into your blog posts and then share them on Facebook…once? Here’s a tip: go to your pages Insights and find the posts with the most engagements. Then re-post the same exact post again. Better yet boost it to your followers for $40 for maximum click throughs to your website.

2) Include the URL of your blog post on your Facebook/LinkedIn posts.

This seems obvious but it is infrequent. Here’s a formula for your post: text + URL + tags (people and pages) + image/video. Remember to check how long it takes for your page to load after a click because anything over 4 seconds is too slow.

3) Friend people on Facebook after meeting them in person.

The best recipe to succeed using social is to be transparent and genuine. Every person I meet, I friend from my personal profile because there’s always common ground for expanding and developing the relationship. You’ll find very quickly if someone is worth doing business with from their posts, likes, and interests.

4) Leverage Stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Record and post videos vertically from your phone to Stories. You can add text, tags, and emojis to customize it, and more importantly you see who has watched your story immediately. I can then evaluate what type of content my clients, prospects or vendors enjoy most, real-time. This is the real definition of staying top-of-mind. The higher the engagement on social the more people want to learn who you are and what you do.

5) Adopt a rule of 4.

Strive for comments on your social media posts. From a visibility standpoint, social media networks value comments and shares more than likes or emojis. Incorporate a Rule of 4 strategy into your posting schedule where:

25% of your posts are Funny

25% of your posts are about Family

25% of your posts are Facts or inspirational quotes

25% of your posts are about your Full-time, your grind, your work, your pitch.

6) Participate in other people’s conversations.

If you see someone in your network asking a question or asking for a recommendation or opinion, comment on the post. Then decide what types of posts drive the most comments for your page. People take notice of how you communicate and what your viewpoints are.

7) Curate a list of top 10 helpful articles.

Find articles from top influencers in your field from around the web in a week. Sharing and curating content can help you make connections with leaders and influencers in your industry. If you drive traffic to their profiles and web content, they will reciprocate by sending traffic to yours.

8) Facebook Page Optimization – FPO

Just like you focus on SEO with your website, you should consider it for your social profiles. Ensure that your ‘About’ Pages and Biographies are full of relevant keywords and try to fill out every section so that your profile is complete. Use links in your social media biographies to boost your website’s SEO. By linking to your site from your social media channels, you’re creating high-quality backlinks to your site.

About the Author

Daveeed is the founder of 1marketingidea, a marketing agency that leverages the social media experience to transform personal brands who struggle at connecting and engaging with their networks.  This results in deeper and stronger relationships, repeat business, and higher profits. Message him on Facebook with any questions!

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