Why The Social Media Experience™ is The New Marketing

Social media experience is the new marketing
Experiential Marketing (XMarketing) has evolved consistent with the speed of technology over the last decade. Changes in how and where we consume content, continue to push brands to be more personal and authentic. 15 second Reels are the new 30 second TV commercials. And social media videos are provocative, entertaining, moving, and driving real-time engagement.

3 Proven Ways to Monetize Facebook Groups

3 Ways to Monetize Facebook Groups

Facebook invested over $10 million on Super Bowl ads featuring Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock promoting their revamped Facebook Groups platform. In contrast to Facebook Pages, you can build exclusive communities using Facebook Groups (Groups). Groups offer an immersive, virtual experience, where brands provide extra value in the form of exclusive content you can monetize, …

How to Target the Right Audience on Facebook

Last week 1marketingidea hosted its Social Media Experience Workshop. It was an intimate learning experience where business owners and marketing managers gathered to learn how to, hands-on, create and launch a Facebook marketing campaign. We developed a strategy, observed a marketing funnel, and defined a target audiences. In this article I’ll describe the 3 types of …

8 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media

8 Ways to increase website traffic

What an extraordinary year. I had the privilege to present at NSAs-Influence conference, AND the honor to introduce my former boss John DiJulius at the Customer Service Revolution Conference! In preparation to give my very best, I reached out to a number of professional speakers and asked what they would want covered during my presentation. …

How to Integrate Email Marketing With Your Social Media Strategy

How to Integrate Email Marketing With Your Social Media Strategy

The GUSTA marketing system is designed for businesses looking to develop deeper and stronger relationships with people in their networks, increase repeat business, sales, and referrals.  It's a framework that  integrates email marketing with your social media strategy.  We’ve had the opportunity to test it successfully for a few of our clients who provide professional …

Influencer Marketing: A Social Experience; PlasticoChallenge Crosses The Border


99.3% of Influencers surveyed say they work on Instagram.  Influencer marketing is about creating an emotional experience between a brand or cause and their target audience.  These video campaigns leverage the influence of vloggers, thought leaders, and experts, who are perceived by their audiences as trustworthy to help drive their marketing goals. The main goals behind …

Lego Uses Social Media To Enhance The Customer Experience; 7 LinkedIN Hacks; Cristo Rey Gives Hope; Defining Your Social Strategy.

Lego Uses Social Media To Enhance The Customer Experience

I grew up with LEGOs, they were a staple of my childhood.  Some years ago, LEGO’s future seemed bleak as the Danish company lost much of its market share to video games and other forms of digital entertainment.  It was social media and the customer experience that reinvented the block toy manufacturer and turned it …