6 Website Design Trends for 2019 With Examples

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” ~Steve Jobs. 

Having worked on websites for many years has allowed me the opportunity to understand why design has evolved, and how best to leverage new website designs to enhance the user experience. But even today there are 3 website design problems that remain at the top of the list:
1. Pages are too slow to load especially on mobile
2. Useless information that doesn’t prompt users to engage with the content
3. Websites look outdated and old, and they inflict the brand

I have seen hundreds upon hundreds of websites that follow the same pattern, namely to show information and not drive results. Your website must be designed to move the reader to take action. I have summarized 6 website design ideas, with examples, you can implement in your business, that will result in improved user experience, increased engagement, and improve your brand’s reputation.

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1) Simplicity

48% of people determine the credibility of a business by its website design. Simple design is better. Make it a habit to look for pieces to remove from your website. Don’t look to add because minimalistic design attracts more people and improves conversions. Simple design loads faster providing a much pleasant user experience and it’s easier for Google to crawl. In this great article by Neil Patel he lists 17 reasons why a website should be kept simple. To me the quintessential example of a beautifully simple website is apple.com

2) Depth

Efficiency has been a problem for as long as I can remember. What makes matters worse is that you only have 50% control of the website’s loading time. The other 50% is up to the wi-fi and device the user is using. With a need for fast-loading websites came flatter designs. Flat design uses bright colors, simple typefaces, and focuses on minimalism. But many designers still looked for depth in their design. With the use of gradients and shadows designers guide the user that an action needs to be taken on your website. Going into 2019, we’ll see more websites with layered elements, shadows and gradients to create a sense of weight and depth like this website Mawla.io

3) Video

Videos will continue to dominate because they grab the visitor’s attention right away. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. The more time a user spends on a web page the higher the ranking Google awards to the website. Here’s an example of a how video affects the time spent on a page from keynote speaker JackMackey.net

4) Mobile

In case you have not heard, Mobile browsing surpassed desktop browsing in 2017. If your website looks bad on your phone, you are eating away your brand’s reputation.  Designers are looking to more fluid and intuitive experiences, resulting in more sophisticated and elegant solutions. Intuitive experiences convert better. Check out Gary Vaynerchuck’s Agent2021 conference site on your mobile.

5) Fonts

I don’t know about you, but it’s getting harder to read these websites with tiny fonts. Typography has always been present on websites, but it will be ramped up in size taking on the role of other visuals. It essentially becomes a visual standalone asset. Some brands are already experimenting with typography and using only one font throughout the whole site. Here’s an example of a site that uses larger font in their design kubrick.life

6) Colors

Boldness and contrast will continue to tell the story. Cool colors and warm colors will coexist when at first glance they lack compatibility. Efficient monochromatic designs will chart new paths and designers will experiment and take risks unlike ever before. Colors have incredible emotional impact and are vital in describing a brand’s personality like this website from wanderingaimfully.com

About the Author

David Wagner is the Lead Consultant at 1marketingidea, a San Diego digital marketing consulting firm that specializes in social media marketing, websites, email marketing, video marketing, and event marketing.

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