6 Crazy Specific Hypertargeting Hacks to Find More Clients

I live 2 hours away from Indian Wells. Every year we go to the tennis tournament held there in the spring. It’s a Masters 1000 event which attracts the top tennis players in the world. I love this experience because it combines my 2 biggest passions: tennis and marketing. Over half a million people arrive in the middle of the desert to watch the tennis pros.  And top brands like Oracle, Audi, Hertz, Pepsi, Emirates Airlines, invest millions of dollars to be in front of this target audience.

The best marketing strategies start by getting in front of the right audiences. The good news is you don’t have to spend millions to get in front of your prospective clients. According to a recent study from Hootsuite, the number of worldwide social media users grew by more than 200 million between April 2018 and April 2019. The question is not whether your clients are on social media but how to target them. Here are 6 crazy specific hypertargeting Facebook hacks to find more clients:

Targeting by Geolocation

Geolocation targeting.

You can hypertarget people specifically by where they live or where they have been by address. Choose any of these 4 options:

  1. Everyone in this location – Home or most recent location
  2. People who live in this location – Whose home is here
  3. People recently in this location – Most recent location
  4. Those traveling in this location – Most recent location BUT home is over 125 miles away

For example, a personal injury law firm can target people who are in a hospital.  All you need is the hospital’s address.  You can also hypertarget a group of people in town a conference venue like a convention center.

Targeting audiences on facebook-competition

Competition analysis.

When a client comes on board I immediately find and subscribe to their competitors pages.  I am especially looking for the ones running Facebook ads.  That way when I get served one of their ads I can click on it, and find out how they targeting their audiences. For example, if you’re a dentist you can find out who other local dentists are after which helps you in defining your strategy.

Targeting audiences on facebook-branding

Brand jacking.

I got this ad by ESPN and when I opened it to find out why was I seeing this ad I found out they were targeting me based on my interest on Nike.  I had liked that branded Facebook Page a while back, and they hypertargeted me based on this brand affiliation. You can do the same once you identify what brands your customers are interested in.

Targeting audiences on facebook-google search

Google Search Operators.

The “Inurl” Google search operator helps you find pages on a site that has your targeted search term in the URL, and the second term in content on a website. This is useful for finding specific people’s opinions about a topic. In this example, we are searching in “forums” for people looking for “help” in regard to “retirement planning.” The objective here is to learn the key words used by this audience and craft the right message around it.

Targeting audiences on facebook-meeting planners

Work hypertargeting.

Looking to target meeting planners or members of a particular association? Demographic targeting can be very effective when you combine (1) a job title (2) a brand and (3) the “Suggestions” tool available on Facebook. For example, if you want to get in front of the Meeting Professionals International Association (MPI) you can target an audience with an interest on @MPI who have a job title Meeting Planner.  Then use the suggestions tool to find who else might these people have in common.

Targeting audiences on facebook-facebook likes

Worldwide authority.

Can you conduct business outside of the US? This final hack is for the brand looking to gain credibility by increasing their followers and tapping into the world network. For example, are you a keynote speaker who enjoys traveling outside of the country doing presentations? Follow these steps and get 4000 followers in just a few days at a very low cost per Like.

About the Author.

Daveeed Wagner is the Lead Consultant at 1marketingidea, a social media experience marketing agency. Subscribe to receive fresh marketing ideas weekly.