7 Tips to Optimize Your Website; 5 for Your Facebook Page

Are you optimizing your Facebook Page with the consistency and discipline it deserves?  Are you treating it like your website?  Remember the acronym CRAFT and set a schedule to refresh continuously and  optimize your Facebook Page.

These are MY favorite 7 Tips to optimize your website and landing pages for conversions. One of the main reasons marketers fail at advertising online is because the website or landing page they are driving traffic to is too informational and lacks ‘punch’.  Social media marketing is not just about creating ads, we must also evaluate all the steps the user takes, and optimize them to reach our desired objectives.

Think of it as a marketing funnel.  You fill the funnel with creative ads on social media to raise awareness, drive traffic, and increase engagement; the middle funnel is where your strategy uses email marketing tactics and video content to crystalize the user showing a higher degree of interest on your services or products. And at the bottom you have a landing page that converts to your strategic marketing objectives.

How is your social media marketing performing?

If you are an advertising your professional services online and not getting the results you expect: you’re not alone. The problem is usually one of the following:

1) You are not starting with a sound strategy

2) Your objective or campaign type is incorrect

3) Your funnel is too long or too short

4) Your audience has not been well defined

5) Your ads are not relevant to your audience

6) You are not testing and measuring your progress

Learn more about our 6 Point System to improve your Facebook marketing campaigns.

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