5 Marketing Ideas for Your Facebook Page

I remember creating our first Facebook page, at a time when there was no clear evidence of monetary benefits.  It would pay HUGE dividends years later as it became our primary way of developing clients into long-term relationships. People access Facebook an average 8 times per day.  If you have a Company Facebook Page check out these 5 ideas you can implement that many people don’t know about:

1.    Develop relationships by communicating real-time using Chat Bots – You’ll be pleasantly surprised you have an automated Instant Messenger assistant waiting on your Facebook Page.  And it’s easy to implement.  See how it works by sending a message here.

2.    Make a great first impression by using Facebook Cover Videos or Slides – Make a first impact with a great video intro or a slide show on the cover of your Facebook Page. 

3.    Have your clients market for you using Reviews – Ask your customers and clients to give you a review.  It shows up on the top of the screen and and it gives your page visitors the confidence that you do the job well.  Check out this page of ecommerce store ExtremeshapeWhat do your reviews say about your audience?

4.    Leverage your Existing Network – If you’re passionate about what you do, in my experience, your Facebook friends will be happy to help you by liking your page.  Steve Jobs said that when he was getting started “no one he asked for help denied it.”  But you have to ask, kindly.

5.    Maximize your views by using Correct Images Sizes – Visitors share images and video because they want to look good to their networks or to show that they care about a cause.  If you are sharing a link, test how the image looks before your click the Post Button.  Here’s a cheat sheet by Larry Kim, Founder and CEO of Mobile Monkey a chatbot building platform for marketers.

**Bonus Video: What is Facebook Zero and how will it impact your Facebook Page in the Future?

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