How To Use Facebook Ads To Market Your Events

It is becoming more and more difficult to get people to your events. There is so much noise. No one is listening, everyone is talking. I have been marketing events for many years and it has not gotten any easier. Why do we continue producing events? The long-term value of successful events more than pays for itself. Having one new person at your event can result in multiple purchases, long-term relationships, new referral sources, brand advocacy, and much more.

An event type can be a webinar, a workshop, a networking event, a conference, a product launch, a new video, a summer special.  Social media is a popular way companies are using to reach new audiences, and Facebook marketing is infallible at driving traffic to your landing pages. 71% of all ticket buying happens online.  Marketing your event can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

4 Facebook Marketing Ideas To Market Your Events

  1. With Facebook retargeting you can serve ads to people who have visited a specific page on your website. For example, I checked out a book that seemed interesting on an author’s website, and a few minutes later, I saw ads about this same book on my Facebook’s feed. 72% of online shoppers will abandon their cart, but 26% of them will return and buy. Do the math: how much is this percentage worth to you in dollars? 1. 3 out of 4 customers notice retargeted ads (Bizzabo).
  2. Use Lookalike Audiences to find new people in your sweet spot. Professionals spend much more time on Facebook than on any other channel. More importantly Facebook’s marketing tools are most effective in getting to them. Once you have told Facebook what  some of the characteristics of your clients are, it then identifies the common qualities of the people in it like their interests. A Lookalike audience finds other people who share these same characteristics.
  3. Using native Facebook video ads. This means uploading videos to Facebook instead of using links from YouTube. Facebook video ads receive 10 to 30 percent more views and populate up to 11 times larger in news feeds. More importantly, Facebook video ads have the lowest cost-per-click (ConnectIO).
  4. Invest time writing the copy for your landing page. If your landing page isn’t effective, your Facebook marketing will fall on deaf ears. Here’s an example of what a great landing page should look like. Address all objections to a sale, include every bit of information your customer needs to make a decision. You install a Facebook pixel on this page so you learn where and why people are defecting and not making a purchase. And through retargeting you serve them another ad.
About the Author
The author David Wagner is the Lead Consultant at 1marketingidea LLC.  1marketingidea is a San Diego digital marketing consulting firm that specializes in social media marketing, websites, email marketing, video marketing, and event marketing.
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