How to Use Emotional Intelligence and Social Media To Develop Stronger and Deeper Relationships With Your Clients and Employees

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) research has opened new opportunities for people looking to make better decisions, become stronger leaders, and build successful companies.  EQ is also the keystone for creating your own Customer Service Revolution, where continuous learning and improvement results in stronger and deeper relationships at all levels of your organization.  Developing a good relationship encourages customer and employee loyalty, both crucial for maintaining and growing your business in any economy.

The world of social media is no different.  EQ teaches us to become more in-tune with the emotions of other people in person and via social networks.

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Activities on social media are deeply rooted in emotion.  People connect with one another to share stories, events, entertainment, and much more.  On any given day a Facebook News Feed can reveal the joy of a mom and her newborn; the excitement of an old colleague who dropped 50 lbs.; or even the grief of an old school mate who lost a parent.  What you do next with this information is a choice.  Kindness, compassion, excitement are all feelings you can show through social media to develop stronger relationships with your communities.  Social media gives us the opportunity to share in these moments with others who you might not talk to or see on a regular basis.  Whether personal or professional relationships these interactions with your audience will keep you top-of-mind.

I consider my experience as a waiter one of the most formative stages of my life.  Throughout my career and to this date, I apply lessons I learned while working as a waiter.

Social Awareness

As a waiter I became an expert at reading people.  I knew when couples wanted to be alone or when they welcomed conversation.  When they wanted formality or when they wanted me more involved in their experience.  The latter always ended with me confidently choosing their appetizers, meals, desserts, and wines to pair it all with.  Understanding the moods of other people is an acquired skill.  When put to good use you can create stronger bonds with your customers, and foster loyalty and trust.


You can also apply this to social media.  942 Dutch adolescents (10–14 years of age) where surveyed twice, with a one-year interval, and the results showed that social media use improved both their ability to understand and share the feelings of their peers (Vossen & Valkenburg, 2015).  Through images, videos, emojis, reactions, and likes, you can learn to recognize, understand, and engage others with emotion.  This builds bonds which ultimately impact your bottom line.

Social Media Experience Workshop

1marketingidea-servicesCompanies that thoroughly integrate social media offer vastly superior customer experiences than competitors do. This translates into stronger growth and dominant positions in their markets.  Join me this January 9-10, 2019, at our Social Media Experience Workshop in sunny San Diego, California.

During this 2 day workshop you’ll learn how to:

  1. Create deeper and stronger relationships with your customers. Learn and understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence and how to apply it to challenge audience behaviors, increase engagement, and make better-informed marketing decisions.
  2. Develop and use compelling video content to tell a story. Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more. Learn how to produce an effective social marketing video to raise awareness, and, ultimately, find more customers.
  3. Apply our 6-Point Formula to find more customers on social. Learn our method for creating, implementing, and executing your own Facebook Marketing campaigns. This portion of the workshop will empower your company to increase awareness, interest, and improve conversions.
  4. Improve the effectiveness of your website. 70-80% of people research a company online BEFORE visiting the business or making a purchase with them. Learn tactics you can implement to improve your website user engagement.

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David Wagner is the Lead Consultant at 1marketingidea, a San Diego digital marketing consulting firm that specializes in social media marketing, websites, email marketing, video marketing, and event marketing.

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